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Mold equipment company to introduce Japan Sodick wire walking, Sodick mirror screw motor, Taiwan 21000 RPM high-speed CNC milling, Taiwan micron grinder, such as equipment for the quality of the mold to provide a guarantee. Production equipment company is more use of high precision Toshiba Toshiba ENA series injection molding machine, for the accuracy of the gear to provide an effective guarantee. The company introduced the first GMC260 gear measuring center for the detection of the gear to get the effective guarantee, and can measure the spur gear, helical gear, gear ring, worm, hob, bevel gear and other tooth profile. Three to ensure that the customer's products are exempt from the excellent.
The company was founded in 2003, after nearly 10 years of efforts and the accumulation of our company currently has 3000 million of precision equipment and fixed assets, plant area of 6000 square. The company has independent research and development department, precision injection molding workshop, precision mold workshop, precision assembly dust workshop, constant temperature testing workshop, motor test workshop and other high precision shop.
The company is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of plastic, plastic gear box reducer, automobile electronic actuator, automobile headlight dimming, motor vehicle throttle actuator, automobile fuel door opening and closing actuator, control lock actuator, intelligent ashbin gear box, gear box, intelligent sweeping machine intelligent massage footbath gear box, intelligent massage chair of gear box, gear box, automatic intelligent toilet seat cover, open wine gear box Coffee machine grinding system of gear box, gear box, Coffee machine brewing system automatic curtain lifting gear box, gear box, intelligent valve control automatic lamp lifting gear box, all kinds of toys and other gear tooth boxes and all kinds of plastic gear, helical gear, worm gear......

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